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Blueline Tee's (www.Tees4cops.com) has a strong tradition of providing quality goods and excellent customer service. At Blueline Tee's, our goal is not only to carry on this tradition, but also to provide an experience that is unique to the dynamic capabilities of the World Wide Web. Furthermore, we will always respect your concerns about the way we gather and handle all of your personal information.

Online at Blueline Tee's we may ask you to provide information by filling out and submitting an online ordering form. Following is a list of the information we request, arranged by site location, and details on how we use this information.

  • Checkout: We ask for your name, address and contact information so we can send your order, and so we can contact you if we have a question about your order. We ask for credit card information so we can fulfill your order, and so we can provide this information to the company or companies who process your credit card payment. We will not share your name and address with other companies. We do not share any other information with third parties, except in the case of contact or order information needed to fulfill your order. We do not share or sell e-mail addresses.
  • E-mail: If you provide your e-mail address to Blueline Tee's, we may contact you to follow up on your inquiry, but we will not use your e-mail address for marketing purposes. We do not sell or share e-mail addresses with other companies. We do use e-mail as a means of receiving feedback from our customers, and we encourage you to e-mail us with your questions or comments. We read every e-mail we receive.

Blueline Tee's does not share, sell or trade e-mail addresses, information collected from sales or inquiries. We do not contribute to or participate in shared or cooperative databases, which give other companies access to your personal information. We do not release credit card or financial information for use by other companies except in the case of financial information included in the online Blueline Tee's VISAŽ transactions, which we provide to our financial institution. For both privacy and security purposes, all transactional information communicated between customers and our Web site is transmitted in an encrypted format, and all credit card information is stored in a highly secure computing environment.

The provisions within our Privacy Policy are subject to change without notice, however, whenever possible we will provide notification of these changes.

Report all privacy concerns to Privacy@Tees4cops.com

Privacy Policy
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