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Product Number: EBT180
Category: Police T-Shirts
Status: Orderable

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EOD BADGE (BOMB SQUAD) EMBROIDERED TEE full color Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) competency badges with 3 text options.
Black 100% heavyweight cotton short sleeve T-shirt.

3 badge/text options:
“EOD BASIC”badge on front with text.
“EOD SENIOR” badge on front with text.
“EOD MASTER” badge on front with text.

Badge meanings:
Basic EOD badge is issued upon completion of explosive handling training and between 18–24 months of on-the-job field training.

Senior EOD badge is issued after 3–5 years as an Explosive Ordnance Specialist.

Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal badge is issued after 7–15 years of service in a senior supervisory position.
$19.95 for sizes small - Xlarge

Price: $19.95

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