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Things to Come

These are just some of the categories of future products. If you have feedback or design ideas, send them to us at Sales@Tees4cops.com

Shirt designs to come:

  • Hostile to Criminals (Sp. Ops.)
  • God created cops so firefigthers would have a hero.
  • Reflectorized tactical tee's
  • Wolfpack
  • Bad Boys
  • So You called 911
  • Academy got to be fast/got to be good/got to be kidding
  • In God We Trust
  • DUI Enforcement
  • Cops of Steel
  • Cops Gym II
  • Bike Patrol
  • Woman Touch
  • Reserves
  • Field Trainer
  • Officers Pray
  • Corrections Athletic Club
  • Corrections ERT
  • Daddy's Police
  • Daddy's Deputy
  • Mommy's Police
  • Mommy's Deputy
  • Search & Rescue
  • Several embroidered hats
  • Mounted
  • Air Units
  • Narcotics
  • Marine Units
  • Forensic/Evidence
  • Haz-Mat
  • Police Heroes
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Being a Cop's wife (kid)
  • Enemies/Police Friends/Criminals
  • DOC/jail..Last arrest Inmate of the month
  • K-9 Just say Take'em
  • So many Criminals....So little Time
  • Fraternal Order of COPS
  • Jail resort
  • Narcs Huff/Puff
  • Guardians by Choice/Heroes by chance
  • and more!

Thank you,
T.J. Brooks

Police Officer, Lynnwood Police Department
Owner, Blueline Tee's  www.Tees4cops.com & www.BrooksActivewear.com

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